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Meet Carlos


Experienced and creative event professional with over 15 years of global expertise, this accomplished individual leads the strategy and execution of events across 6 continents.


With a track record of success in leading strategy and organising award winning conferences, team building activities, social events, arts festivals, incentive trips, award ceremonies, leadership meetings, branding activations, and digital events for global companies, he brings a diverse range of skills and certifications.

Carlos Oliveira is seen in the photograph, smiling with his arms crossed. He is reclining against a glass wall, appearing relaxed and confident.

These include sustainable event professional certification, project management, a diploma in event management and public relations, and certifications in event production for concerts, events and artists management. Additionally, his educational background in social communication, TV and Radio adds depth to his expertise.

Known for his versatility, he possesses a strong foundation in TV, audio-visual production, dance, theatre, executive production, hospitality, and artist management.


By embracing a collaborative and inclusive approach, he creates immersive experiences that resonate with diverse audiences, incorporating cutting-edge technologies.


His ability to develop and implement holistic event strategies priorities sustainable responsibility, encourages collaboration, and fosters diversity and inclusion.

Building influential relationships and leading high-performing teams are among his key strengths. With exceptional communication, production, budgeting, and logistical skills, he consistently achieves successful outcomes aligned with business objectives.

Clients can rely on his expertise to craft extraordinary experiences that captivate audiences and drive tangible results.


"He is a visionary and is so talented in creating elevated, brand experiences that leaves the audience engaged and motivated to action. His passion and dedication are infectious. I have been impressed by his ability to pivot quickly as needed without letting execution sacrifice. In addition to building world class global events, Carlos is extremely skilled at working cross functionally, aligning objectives, and leading through the complexities of execution.”

Karima McDaniel, United States
President and General Manager |  4U by Tia, Amyris

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